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Dell XPS 15 9360 performance laptop - 2018 Review

Dell XPS 15 9360 performance laptop - 2018

The Dell XPS range of laptops are designed to be the best of the best. As a matter of fact I would prefer the XPS over the Alienware range just because the XPS oozes class and has better value. The XPS range has always been beautifully designed, not just aesthetically but engineering as well. 

The Dell XPS 15 9360 is a premium laptop, so expect a hefty premium price, but they did not compromise on quality. This can be seen and felt with materials such as carbon fibre and hardened Corning Gorilla Glass NBT for incredible durability and far better experience I felt with any other brand. 

You will never make a mistake in investing in a Dell XPS

While XPS laptops are thin and beautifully crafted, they also provide the most uncompromised experiences for work and play. Dell XPS laptops are performance machines, packed into smaller, thinner and more innovative design. Each XPS product has a specific user and usage in mind with high performance to meet those expectations. Enjoy craftsmanship and durability for peace of mind and best-in-class interfaces at every interaction. Whatever you are doing, XPS products elevate your experience.

The 2018 9360 Dell XPS 15inch is the smallest unit on the market. As a matter of fact it's the same size as a standard 14inch laptop. Whats more it's only 17mm thick at the back which is very thin considering what they have packed inside. Remind you, this is a performance laptop and compare it with Allienware which is much thicker.

With a stunning high resolution display, up to UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD, you can enjoy eye-popping clarity and detail. That is an incredible 8 million pixels at 282 PPI - 6 million more pixels than FHD and 7 times that of an HD display. High resolution means, whatever you are doing, your image is precise and clear. IPS wide-viewing angles let you enjoy 170° views on a brilliantly bright, 350-nit screen.

With the XPS 15, Dell has the only laptop with 100% minimum Adobe RGB color, meaning the display represents all color in the Adobe color space without compromise. Color is rich, vivid, more colorful and accurate. Professionals have full color representation of their content in the field and on their display with exactly the same colors represented. For content that is not already in Adobe RGB format, like a webpage or movie, PremierColor Software remaps the colors easily so you are able to see them accurately on your screen. So, you can be sure you are viewing a movie as the director intended or seeing the true color of paint, a dress, a sofa, etc. when shopping online.

Colour rendition is important not only for photographers, but product specialists. Colour is everything and in business, reviewing products also means reviewing the colours of your products.

It's a powerhouse. It comes with the latest i7 Quad Core CPU's and memory can be boosted to 32GB. Just imagine the memory is running at 2133MHZ which is 1.3 times faster than previously.

Off course it comes with NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1050 graphics (4GB of GDDR5 memory). Although I prefer 1060 and up, the 1050 range uses less power so you battery lasts longer.

Battery life is alway controversial. It really depends on how u use the unit and what apps you are running. I for instance run up to 15 applications at one time, so my laptops battery life is significantly reduced. But you can expect at least 11 hours in the first year. As the battery ages it will be less, so keep that in mind. You can use the Dell Power Companion to get additional 9 hours of battery life.

Backlit keyboard and precision touchpad. No other pc comes to the quality of the touchpad than Dell. I sometimes use a high performance MSI and the touchpad is useless. I hate it so much that I have to switch it off when typing. Not so with the Dell XPS 15. If you ever used a laptop with backlit keyboard you will never want to go back. It's just amazing. I have found that Dell's keyboards are the best for typing.

Built for business
The Dell XPS is doing more than ever before to ensure it fits into a business environment. The XPS 15 has all of the manageability and select security features of Latitude™ in an aggressively thin and competitive form factor. The most manageable 15-inch laptop and best-in-class security for commercial customers. With the new Thunderbolt 3 port, the XPS 15 offers the same one cable docking solutions that our Latitude products use. Both the Dell Thunderbolt dock and the Dell Dock are easily connected with one cable. (Docks sold separately).

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