Monday, 25 January 2016

Dell XPS 13 5 Generation ultra-portable laptop - 2016

DELL XPS 13 the smallest 13-inch on the planet with first infinity display 

DELL did it again. They cleverly fit a stunning 13.3-inch display in an  11-inch size laptop,
making  the  Dell XPS  13  the  smallest  13-inch laptop  on  the  planet.  The  Dell XPS  13  has  a
unique  virtually  border-less  infinity  display, with only a 5.2 mm bezel on the top and
both sides. That’s the thinnest frame on a notebook today. What does all of that mean
to you? There’s less bezel, so there’s more to enjoy. You can literally take your view to
the edge, no matter what you are doing.

The Dell XPS provides stunning view from any angle 

Enjoy eye-popping clarity and detail with an UltraSharp™ Quad HD+ display, which boasts an incredible 5.7 million pixels. That is 4.4 million more pixels than an HD+ and 2.5 times that of a Full HD display. High resolution means whatever you are doing, your image is precise and clear. With IPS wide-viewing angles, you can enjoy 170° views on a brilliantly bright, 400-nit screen. High color gamut and contrast ratio provide rich colour. Movies comet to life and presentations shine. Photos can be edited with pinpoint precision.

The Dell XPS 13 Battery life leadership

The Dell XPS 13 has industry-leading battery life, getting over 15 hours of run time on a single charge. On the go for even longer? Get up to 7 additional hours of battery life, up to 22 hours in total with the Dell Power Companion. A power reserve for all of your devices (OC's and tablets), it quickly charges via your power adaptor.

So much punch, so little effort

The Dell XPS 13 packs a 5th generation Intel® processor up to Core™ i7 and Intel HD 5500 Graphics* into its slim frame (9- 15mm). With solid state drives and Intel® Rapid Start Technology*, the XPS 13 boots from cold in seconds. And whatever state it’s in, it comes back in a snap. And here’s the kicker, it weighs as little as 2.6 lbs.*

Easy imputs

Always an Dell XPS standard, the XPS 13 comes with a backlit keyboard, for anytime anywhere usage. Keys are illumintated so you can use your keyboard in low and no light situations. Dell's precision touchpad delivers improved performance, making every click count. Your touchpad will deliver the exact action you intended, every time. Precision touchpads deliver fluid panning, pinching and zooming, for an experience that’s touchscreen-smooth and quick, and even use gestures similar to the ones you make on screen.

Crafted without compromise

XPS laptops are artfully constructed with premium materials for maximum durability. Sleek and beautiful overall design is a side effect of careful performance driven construction. Machined aluminum provides strength and durability. The top cover and base are precision cut from a single block of aluminum. The carbon fiber palm rest is strong like aluminum, and thin, but feels cooler to the touch. Finally, edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla Glass NBT™ on the QHD+ display is bonded to the aluminum display back for added strength. With these materials, XPS products are strong and durable, look stunning, and feel even better in your hands.

Built for business

XPS is doing more than ever before to ensure it fits into a business environment. The XPS 13 has all of the manageability and select security features of Latitude™, in an aggressively thin and competative form factor. Keep your employees happy with the latest and greatest consumer designs, while you keep IT's life easy. the most manageable 13-ich laptop and best-in-class security for commercial customers.

Designed with the environment in mind

The Dell XPS is our greenest laptop ever. From our design decisions, to the prodcut and packaging we choose, to our recycle options for your old PC, the ennvironment is top of mind. XPS laptops are designed with smarter materials. We avoid materials of concern including cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, some pnthalates, and they are all BFR/PVC-free. All XPS notebooks ship in recycleble, compost-friendly packaging, including our highly renewable bamboo, and we offer options to responsibly recycle your old product through our reconnect partnerships. Without exceptions, all XPS notebooks are ENERGY STAR® 6.1 qualified and EPEAT Gold registered.

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