Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blog Article writing software for free: A Review of Content Professor

Being an amateur on the web site content you have to aim for higher quality original content in order to compete with the rest of the bloggers.  You have to make sure that the information will be solidly presented in a well arranged clean and detailed manner using words that will cater towards the specific searches of users.

Ii have also been in search for software made to tailor my needs. I am pretty certain you too have the exact same requirements as I do.  Firstly, I wanted a free article writer or something that will give me the best value for money.  I should help me to reproduce my articles or content that I’m writing with ease into bulk while maintaining my unique content material.  Most of all, the outputs should be as humanly and coherent as possible.  Most of the subscription and paid software solutions have not achieved what I want in creating more articles or blogs.

My search was not futile as I discovered a free article re-writer online that was able to meet my expectations.  You read right, an online article rewriter application for free!!!

For those of you experiencing the same problems as I have, Content Professor might be you ultimate solution.

I tried it out and was pleased with using the outcome.  The user-friendly interface speaks of how efficient your future transactions will probably be.  It was basically simple and easy. It is a web based form composed of drop-down menus and navigation bars that you can access through clicks or a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

Your work starts when you open the article or post in the main tab, highlighting phrases or terms and words, and a drop down many is created using common terms with which you can replace individual highlighted words. I was surprised with how vast the programs thesaurus is, which they claim is taken from the wide array of people-created articles of the Web. The ease of performing word replacements is great as it allows you to carry out nesting, or grouping of synonymous phrases and keywords with curly brackets and colour coding.

The ease of doing word replacements is excellent, as it enables you to perform nesting, or grouping of synonymous phrases and keywords with curly brackets and color-coding to be  replaced on future blog post spinning purposes.

You can also add frequently-used terms on your favourite list, which is created with few more clicks.

The originality percentage and word count on the upper right part of the interface is extremely useful, so you won’t be distracted with your work. The quality from the duplicated blog articles with original content material is far more understandable to comprehend than the outputs of the other free article rewriters I have tried. Nevertheless, be reminded that content spun articles are still extremely dependent of how coherent your source article post is.

What impressed me the most is the program’s feature of mass saving the duplicated articles content in a zip file and making one spun blog article ready for further processing

Lastly, I ought to reiterate this. It is an online application, implying that there’s no need for purchases, compatibility or set up. It is free of charge!

Be included in its roster of satisfied customers! Say goodbye to brain drains and time wasted for restating blog articles. Generate much more profit earnings or income/revenue with less stress! Try Content Professor right now and be amazed with just how effective your future blog article productions will be.

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